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Weight Control

Obese Workers Cost Workplace More Than Insurance, Absenteeism, According to New Study

The cost of obesity among U.S. full-time employees is estimated to be $73.1 billion, according to a new study by a Duke University obesity researcher, published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.


Obesity Associated With Depression and Vice Versa
Friendship Influences Eating Behavior, Particularly When Friends Are Overweight
Regular Yoga Practice Is Associated With Mindful Eating
Sleep May Be Factor In Weight Control
Weight Loss Competitions Produce Encouraging Results
Physical Activity May Not Be Key To Obesity Epidemic
Ban On Fast Food TV Advertising Would Reverse Childhood Obesity Trends, Study Shows
Fructose -- Found In High-fructose Corn Syrup, Sugar -- Sets Table For Weight Gain Without Warning
Changing Perceptions of Weight: Increasing Numbers of People Are Failing to Recognize They Have a Weight Problem
Even Your Neighborhood Can Be The Obesity "Culprit"
Study Shows Long-Term Weight Control Is Achievable With Monthly Counseling
Researchers Nix Low-carb Diet
Strong Link Between Obesity And Colorectal Cancer
Childhood Overweight and Obesity Prevention Initiative Begun By HHS
Emotional Eaters Susceptible To Weight Regain
Parent Education Course Created to Fight Childhood Obesity
Obesity Is ‘Socially Contagious,’ Study Finds
Obesity Threatens Children's Physical and Mental Health
Pennsylvania Schools Launch Program To Combat Childhood Obesity
Got Chubby Kids?
How to Avoid Holiday and Winter Weight Gain
Daily Weighing and Quick Action Keeps Pounds Off
Are Today's Babies More Overweight? Pediatric Nutritionist Has Advice for Moms of Babies and Young Children
Weight Lifting Can Help Overweight Teens Reduce Risk Of Diabetes
Why Do Some People Gain Weight When Others Don't?
Organizations Mount Campaigns to Combat Obesity
Food Diary: You Are What You Eat By Caroline J. Cederquist, MD
Obesity Measure Should Be Redefined to Accurately Assess Heart Attack Risk
New Study Demonstrates Greater Fitness Benefits of Comprehensive Weight Loss Program Over Just Exercise Alone
Six California Communities Selected for Childhood Obesity Prevention Initiative
ACFN Recognizes Local Obesity-Fighting Initiatives
Diets Don't Work Long Term, Survey Finds
Portion Control Induces Greatest Weight Loss in Overweight Individuals, New Study Finds
Focus on Weight Management: Summer Is Not Over, There's Still Time
Exercise and Weight Control
Planning To Lose Weight In 2003? Experts Say "Think Sleep."
Multidimensional Programs Needed To Fight Obesity
Task Force Issues New Diet Counseling Recommendations
Serving Up A Healthy Holiday
Tips for Staying Motivated and Losing Weight
Teen Girls Focused on Diet, Not as Likely To Exercise
Top Tips on Successful Weight Management
Multidimensional Programs Needed To Fight Obesity
Myths About Weight-Loss and Exercise Performance
Losing Weight: Health Professionals and Public Differ on Who's Really in Control
Childhood Obesity Doubled in a Generation
Tips for Staying Motivated and Losing Weight
Holiday 'Feast'ivities: Tips on Avoiding Winter Weight Gain
Have a Cow, Man: More Dairy Needed
Winter Weight Gain Wears Out Its Welcome
Obesity Researcher Offers Advice for Losing Weight
Survey Reveals Dieters' Secrets to Success
Physicians and Overweight Americans in Denial About Treatment
Health Risks Skyrocket Among the Overweight
Skyrocketing Pediatric Obesity Trend Sparks Concern
New Guidelines Can Help You Become Smarter About Weight Management
Sensible Ways To Take Off - And Keep Off - the Pounds
Partner With Physicians To Succeed at Controlling Your Weight
Losing Weight Is Hardest for Those Who Want It Most
America's Weight Problem: What Are We Doing Right and Wrong?
Feds Unveil Weight Guidelines in Wake of Alarming Report on Cost of Obesity; Women Affected Most
Eat Light at Night
Everyday Sounds, Rhymes Can Be Motivators in Weight Management
Awareness Programs Needed To Improve Understanding of Body Fat

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