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Staying Healthy on a Cruise

For many people, a cruise is an ideal way to relax and see the world. You are surrounded by the gorgeous blue of the ocean, get waited on hand and foot, have activities and events planned for you, and are provided with a seemingly limitless supply of food and drinks—all while having the opportunity to visit multiple countries and destinations.


One in Seven Strokes Occurs During Sleep, Many Go Without Clot-Busting Treatment
Sleepy Connected Americans
Beyond Tender Loving Care: 'TLCs' Promise Health and Happiness
Peer Support Offers Promise for Reducing Depression Symptoms
Be Prepared: Staying Safe and Healthy in Winter Weather
Survey Predicts Top 10 Fitness Trends for 2011
Follow-Ups Prove Powerful Tool for Treating Depression in Primary Care
Get Your Flu Vaccine: Stay Healthy This Flu Season
Monitoring Cholesterol Increases Life Expectancy, 25-Year Study Finds
Most Adults Misunderstand Standard Warnings on Prescriptions
Research Yields Fitness Motivation Tips for a Healthy New Year
Protect Against Colds with Exercise
Links Between Video-game Playing And Health Risks In Adults Found
FDA Panel Moves to Decrease Painkiller Dosage
Summer Safety Tips
'Good' Energy Burning Fat In Lean Adults
Consuming A Little Less Salt Could Mean Fewer Deaths
Unhealthy Lifestyle More Than Doubles Stroke Risk
Try Potassium To Reduce Blood Pressure
Americans Owe Five Months Of Their Lives To Cleaner Air
Skipping Sleep May Signal Problems For Coronary Arteries
How To Stop Winter From Weathering Your Skin
Getting Little Sleep May Be Associated With Risk Of Heart Disease
Preventing Colds: Washing Your Hands Is More Effective Than Taking Vitamins
It's Time to Get Smart about the Use of Antibiotics
Protecting Your Eyes: Tips For Safe Fun In The Sun
Traveling Abroad? Make Sure Plans Include Trip to the Doctor
"I Have A Headache"…Now What Should I Do?: Knowing Headache Type Can Help Identify Prevention and Treatment
Watch Your Eyes When Playing Sports: Ophthalmologists Recommend Eye Protection for All Athletes
Longer Work Days Leave Americans Nodding Off On the Job
Adults May Not Get Enough Rest or Sleep, New Study Reveals
New Initiative To Improve Employee Health And Battle Chronic Disease
Depression And Cardiovascular Disease
Proper Eye Care Essential for Diabetics
Soft Soccer Helmets Reduces Risk Of Concussions
3.8 Million Days of Work/School Missed During Ragweed Season
What’s Keeping Folks From Hitting The Health Club
Tips On How To Stay Safe And Healthy During the Hot Summer Months
Protecting Your Eyes from Summer Irritants
Guidelines For Correct Sunscreen Application During Summer Season
Older Adults Face Double Whammy When It Comes to Body Fat
Power Lawn Mower Injuries Crop up with Change of Season
Experts 'Weigh In' On Popular Diet And Exercise Myths
Tips For Improving Brain Fitness AndMental Health
Study Finds Association Between HeartDisease And Unhealthy Adolescence
Sharp at Any Age: Tips forKeeping YourBrain Young
Here’s How toPrevent HolidayEye Injuries
Tips for Beating theHoliday Blues
Holidays DriveAmericans To Drink, ButDon’t Blame Holiday Blues, New Survey Reveals
Cheering For Your FavoriteTeam? ForCrying Out Loud, Go Easy On Your Voice
The“Sneaky” Way ToLower Your Blood Pressure
It’s Not WorthThe Risk: WhyKids Need To Wear Bicycle Helmets
AHA RecommendationsEncourageHeart-healthy Eating And Lifestyle Changes
Some People in PainUnlikely to SeekTreatment
Proper Eye Protection IsEssential WhenEnjoying the Great Outdoors
Americans Live HealthierLives MuchLonger than Realized
CDC's Lifestyle CenterWill Aim ToEncourage Health Choices
Colds and Flu - - Factsand Fiction
Life-Saving Information onStroke Easily Accessible at Senior Health Web Site
"Tossin' and Turnin' AllNight!" – Poor Sleep Not a Normal Part of Aging
Operation Wellness HelpsTwo Schools Achieve Healthy School Status
Fitness Programs WillNeed To Become Time Efficient; Blend Mind/Body Into Sessions
Good Health Travel TipsFor The Late Summer - Fall Vacationers
Pilot Education ProgramTeaches Self-Management Skills For Diabetes
To Prevent Heart Disease,Little Efforts That Click Are Better Than the Big Changes That NeverStick
"Epidemic Of Obesity"Target Of U.S. Health Agencies
Tips For CircumventingMother Nature At This Time Of Year
WBGH StudiesObesity’s Impact On Corporate America
Light As Therapy HelpsMany With Seasonal Affective Disorder
Daily Life Is GoodExercise
Better Sleep Council SaysBetter Nights Equal Better Days
Exercise ImprovesCardiovascular Conditions Of Diabetes And Hypertension Patients
Napping ImprovesSkills, Prevents Burnout
Sleeping On the Job
What Is Your TargetBlood Pressure? Most Adults Don't Know
How To Beat theSummer-Time Heat
Rx for Heat: Drink Up!
Protecting Your EyesAgainst Summer's Rays
Summer Skin Savvy
Rx for Health: How ToAvoid Common Prescription Errors
Lifestyle-RelatedProblems = Higher Medical Costs
Get the Most From YourAppointment With Your Doctor
Growth of Low HealthLiteracy Is Alarming
Migraine SufferersBeware! Tips for Avoiding Migraine Attacks
Preventing, Detecting andTreating the Flu
ADA Offers Tips ToPromote Oral Health for Adolescents
Asthma and AllergiesOften Stick Together
Discerning the TruthAbout Colds and Flu
Don't Get Burned! PracticeFire Safety This Holiday Season
10 Tips to Prevent theDry Skin Associated With Cold Weather
Breast Cancer ScreeningsSave Lives, Study Confirms
8 Reasons To Do MedicalResearch for a Loved One
Tips for Finding ReliableInformation on the Internet
To Get to the OtherSide: A Few Words on a Pedestrian Subject
Bugs Bee Gone
Know Your Role and OpenYour Mouth
Protect Your Skin LikeMother Nature Intended
Don't Be Fooled byFraudulent Dietary Supplement Campaigns for Kids
Stop Dehydration BeforeYou Pass Out
Popping The Average Pill
Tips To Keep YouItch-Free This Summer
Spring Time Races SpellTrouble For Runners
Get the Facts AboutAllergies
Ten Tips for BetterFoot Care
Spring Time Nemesis:Allergies
Ten Motivational TipsTo Stay Healthy
Hypothermia Alert forOlder Adults
How To Make New Year'sResolutions Stick
Protection From HarmfulUV Rays Still Needed During Winter Months
Now is the Time To GetYour Medicine Chest Winterized
Free Screenings inNovember for Diabetics
Avoid Influenza andPneumonia This Winter: Get Your Flu Shot Today
Helpful Sleep Habits forBack To School Students
Fall Allergy SeasonUnder Way
Summer Festivities andManaging Diabetes
Eliminate FungalInfections
Tips for Prevention ofDehydration and Heat Illness
Avoid Eye Injuries onthe Fourth of July, Attend Public Fireworks Displays
Swimming Pool and Hot TubOwners, Don't Let Summer Fun Turn Into a Tragedy
Protecting Children Fromthe Hazardous Combination of Cars and Summer Heat
Tips for SurvivingSeasonal Allergies
How To Cope With theSandwich Generation's Multiple Roles
Don't Be Afraid ofCommitment
Top 10 Ways toHealthcare Consumer Empowerment
February ProvidesOpportunity To Become Better Healthcare Consumers
Which "Healthstyle" AreYou?
Don't Be Passive! HereAre Some Tips To Get the Health Information You Need

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