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Short 10-Minute Workouts Provide Measurable Results Says Fitness Expert

Short 10-minute bursts of exercise throughout the day can help shed pounds and are an effective workout, according to Chris Freytag, a fitness expert for Prevention Magazine and the author of a new book on the subject.

When you compare two women one who does step aerobics three times a week and another who takes three, 10-minute walks a day and does a few easy dumbbell exercises the 10-minute walker wins when it comes to being in better shape, said Freytag. This consistently surprises people that small things like walking around the block daily can make a big difference.

She is the author of a new book on the subject "Shortcuts to Big Weight Loss: Slim Your Belly, Butt, and Thighs--And Get Fit Twice as Fast," in partnership with Prevention Magazine.

"As a working mother of three, I know what it’s like to have limited time," said Freytag. She runs her own fitness coaching program offering personal training, Pilates, nutritional consulting and motivational speaking ( Freytag is a board member of the American Council on Exercise along with being accredited with many industry certifications.

Freytag’s favorite shortcut time savers:

  • Wake up just 15 minutes earlier a day to workout. It’s such a short time period with no ill effects.
  • Keep a spare or extra gym bag packed in the car or at the office.
  • Even 15 minutes on the treadmill is equal to a 150-200 calorie burn.
  • Do Pilates in the car while waiting or stuck in traffic.
  • Perform stretches during TV time.
  • Strike a yoga pose before bed to help relax muscles.

The book provides 48 simple, 10- minute illustrated workouts designed by Freytag to give the maximum fat- burning, body-toning power possible. Freytag focuses on the areas most women battle: the belly, butt and thighs. The book also has a personality quiz, healthy recipes, fitness logs and success stories.

Freytag covers how to work out more effectively in less time and fit in exercise throughout the day. Her exercises work 30 percent faster than old-fashioned workouts and use more muscle groups. The book is also filled with shortcut slots for readers to fit into their schedules.

Shortcuts to Big Weight Loss is also available in DVD.

For information on the book, visit The book and DVD are available at,,, Barnes & Noble and other retailers nationally.

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