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Virtual Workout Partners Spur Better Results, Study Finds

Can't find anyone to exercise with? Don't despair: New research from Michigan State University reveals working out with a virtual partner improves motivation during exercise.


• To Increase Physical Activity, Focus on How, Not Why
• Only 5% of Americans Engage in Vigorous Physical Activity on Any Given Day
• Physical Fitness Curbs Frequency and Severity of Colds, Study Finds
• Attitude Toward Everyday Activity Important for Healthy Lifestyle
• High-Intensity Interval Training Is Time-Efficient and Effective, Study Suggests
• Can Playing Active Video Games Equal Moderate Intensity Exercise?
• ACSM Survey Predicts 2010 Fitness Trends
• Consumers Should Exercise Caution on Fitness Machine Claims, Expert Says
• Sedentary Lives Can Be Deadly: Physical Inactivity Poses Greatest Health Risk To Americans, Expert Says
• Coffee Can Lessen the Pain of Exercise
• Interactive Video Games Help Meet Exercise Recommendations
• In U.S., Nearly Half Exercise Less Than Three Days a Week
• Stay in the Game This Summer with R.I.C.E.
• Moderate Intensity Walking Means 100 Steps Per Minute
• ACSM Position Stand on Physical Activity and Weight Loss Now Available
• Fitness Multi-Tasking
• Track Your Fitness With New Cell Phone Application
• 2009 Health And Fitness Trends Ranked
• Jog To The Beat: Music Increases Exercise Endurance By 15%
• HHS Announces Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans
• Exercising In The City? Don't Get Exhausted; Take It Inside
• Moderate Level Of Aerobic Fitness MayLower Stroke Risk
• Short 10-Minute Workouts Provide Measurable Results Says Fitness Expert
• Irregular Exercise Pattern May Add Pounds
• Pedometers Help People Take A Step To Get Active
• Fear Is Stronger Than Hope When It Comes To Fitness
•  How Exercise Lowers Cardiovascular Risk
•  Resting Between Workouts Burns More Fat
•  Physical Activity Guidelines For Adults Recently Updated
•  Easy Steps Ensure Walking Success
•  When it Comes to Walking, it's all Good, Researcher Says
•  Practical Health Tips For Swim Season
•  The Shape Of Health To Come: Customized Fitness Program Helps Endometrial Cancer Survivors
•  Academic Achievement Higher Among Most Active Kids: Vigorous Physical Activity Linked To Better Grades
•  Exercise Can Reduce Side Effects of Cancer Treatment
•  How Exercise Can Reverse Unhealthy Effects of Inactivity
•  Why It's Important to Understand the Levels of Intensity of Your Workouts
•  Physical Therapists Offer Tips for Proper Bike Fit
Walkable Routes, Access To Local Parks, Community Bike Paths Most Important Factors Influencing Physical Activity
Visceral Fat Build-Up Is the High Cost of Inactivity
Realistic Goal Setting Helps People Stick With Exercise
Fifteen In Shape For Summer Tips for Shedding Those Unwanted Pounds
Diet/Exercise Program Greatly Improves Heart Health of Overweight Kids, New Study Finds
Kentucky Health Agency "Walks the Talk;" Kicks off Get Moving! Event for Employees
"Talk Test" a Consistent Gauge of Exercise Intensity: Simple Guideline Can Help Monitor Exercise Exertion
"Low-Impact" Exercise Regiments Can Help Ease Winter Pains of Osteoarthritis
Top Mistakes People Make in the Gym
Daily Physical Activity Of Amish Contrasts With Today’s Epidemic Of Obesity: Old Order Amish Six Times More Active than Average Adults
February Is American Heart Month So Here's Some Fitness Advice
Simple Steps To Help Your Clients Find the Time To Work Out
Healthy Habits For The Holiday Season
Tai Chi Benefits Sedentary Adults Over 65
At-Home Exercise Helps Caregivers Care for Themselves
Kids Are Better Sports With Injury Prevention, Study Finds
Exercise May Help Those With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Achilles Tendonitis Plagues More Than Just Athletes
Separating Fitness Facts From Fiction
Improving Kids' Fitness Isn't Just Child's Play
Make a Fashion Statement — Dress Properly When Exercising Outdoors
Don't Let Winter Put a Freeze on Your Exercise Plans
Tips To Enjoy Outdoor Recreation
Pedestrian Safety Tips for Parents With Back-to-School Kids
For the Love of the Game? Youth Sports: How To Take the Violence out and Put the Fun Back
Fitness Walking Crawls Ahead
Men Want Rewards for Exercising
Don't Be Fooled by Phantom Solutions
Tips To Avoid Injury While Gardening
Family-Friendly Exercise Tips To Kick Off the Spring and Summer Months
Tips for Cold-Weather Exercising
Stretch Into Wellness
Simple Ways To Fit Exercise Into Your Days
Staying Fit in Less Time With Higher-Intensity Workouts
Treadmill Shopping: Key Factors To Consider During Your Search
Step Up to Fit Method of Osteoporosis Prevention
Five Ways To Exercise Throughout Your Day
Regular Physical Activity: The Real "Fountain of Youth"
Strategies for Keeping Fit Throughout the Cold Weather
Keeping Pressure Under Control
How To Take the Pain out of Winter Sports and Chores
Prepare for Winter Sports Now To Stay Injury-Free
Using "Buddies" Can Help You Succeed in Your Fitness Program
Wedding Bells and Physical Fitness May Be a Perfect Match
How To Choose the Perfect Exercise Video
Realistic Expectations Key to Maintain Wellness Goals
Read This Before You Buy Exercise Equipment!
Common Sense Key to Exercise Safety
Exercise Reduces Musculoskeletal Pain & Effects of Osteoporosis
For Seniors: How to Take the Fear Out of Exercise
What You Need to Do Before You Hit the Slopes

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