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Sleep Is as Important To Overall Health

Adults are starting to realize that sleep is as important to their overall health as diet and exercise,according to a survey by Tempur-Pedic International Inc.

The company, which is the leading worldwide manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of mattresses and pillows, polled over 1,500 adults in the U.S. in order to find out their perceptions of sleep and its relation to health and wellbeing.

The survey focused on three areas: How sleep is used for personal wellness programs, sleeping environments and elements for getting a good night's sleep, and the effects of sleep.

It found that American Adults believe sleep (42%) does more to restore their sense of wellbeing than exercise (39%) and nutrition (19%).

"There is no denying the importance of the restorative nature of sleep. The fact that U.S. adults are saying they consider it a major stress reducer demonstrates a widespread appreciation of the value of a good night's sleep," said Dr. Barry Bittman, a neurologist who is on Tempur-Pedic's Wellness Advisory Board.

Sleep is the most important factor in Americans' wellness regimen; three out of four Americans say that it makes them feel younger, and almost eight out of ten see sleep as a good alternative to cosmetic surgery. Nearly all Americans say they think more clearly and feel more balanced after a good night's sleep.

The survey also found a steady increase in the belief that sleep is an effective stress reliever, from 31% twenty years ago to 44% today.

"A good night's sleep has gained its rightful place alongside proper diet and exercise as a rational means to maximize health in the minds of Americans," said Bittman, "Years ago many of these same people would not have considered sleep a valuable aspect of wellness."

With the recent focus on the importance of sleep, Americans are seeing their mattresses as investments in their wellbeing (91%). "People are really paying attention to what they're sleeping on and see it as a meaningful investment in their overall wellbeing," said Rick Anderson, president of Tempur-Pedic North America, "Obviously that's good for Tempur-Pedic as a mattress company but it says a lot about us culturally, too. We realize that to live a balanced life, we can't exercise, eat right, and then not sleep well."

Americans spend as much on their mattresses than they do on their sofas (36%) and televisions (34%), and some even equate their mattress spending to what they spent on a vacation (17%).

"This study shows that Americans understand that sleep is an essential ingredient for health and overall wellbeing," said Anderson.

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