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Safety Tips For Seniors Who Want Health Check-ups at the Grocery Store

A fairly new trend has been the noticeable increase in medical clinics and "one stop" health stations in grocery stores and mega-marts, according to many recent reports. Since such clinics sometimes offer services that may be used by older people, it is important to know which of these clinics are safe and which may be better to just walk on by, according to the American Geriatrics Society (AGS).

To help seniors know when these quick health checks are helpful and when it's better to see their own physician, Dr. Jane Potter, president-elect of the AGS, offers the following "Dos and Don'ts" for consumers.


    1. Clearly explain to the clinic's health care professional all of your medical problems and any allergies or problems you have had with medications.

    2. Bring a complete list of your current medications and ask the health care provider to check this list to be sure they agree with any new medications the on-site physician may prescribe.

    3. Get a report from the clinic with your diagnosis and follow-up instructions and take that report to your next visit with your geriatrician or primary care doctor.


    1. Don't visit a retail medical clinic if you have a new major symptom such as chest pain, shortness of breath, or leg swelling. These symptoms need immediate attention by your own geriatrician or primary care doctor.

    2. Don't enter one of these clinics if you notice a change with a medical problem you have had for a long time and is already being treated by your doctor. You should see your own doctor for this problem.

    3. Don't go to a retail medical clinic if you have a cough that has been present for three or more weeks. This requires special medical attention that most of these smaller clinics cannot handle.

    4. Don't depend on a retail medical clinic for most of your health care. These clinics are only able to provide a few basic tests and treatments. You need to visit a geriatrician or primary care doctor that you know and trust for the majority of your health care needs.

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