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Good Sleepers Have Better Quality of Life and Less Depression

Getting six to nine hours of sleep per night is associated with higher ratings for quality of life and lower ratings for depression, suggests a research abstract presented at Sleep 2011, the 25th Anniversary Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies LLC (APSS).



Gambling Problem Exposed as Access Grows
Diet Soda May Raise Odds of Vascular Events; Salt Linked to Stroke Risk
Number of Americans with Diabetes Rises to Nearly 26 Million
Gum Disease Found to Be Significant Public Health Concern
Although Most People Getting Screened for Two of the Nation's Deadliest Cancers, Thousands of People Died Last Year Because They Weren't Screened for Colon or Breast Cancer
Drinking Fewer Sugar-Sweetened Beverages May Lower Blood Pressure
Excessive Internet Use Is Linked to Depression
Obesity Will Snuff out Health Benefits Gained by Smoking Declines
Three Killer Indicators Identified That Are Even Worse Than High Cholesterol
Healthy Lifestyle Habits May Be Associated With Reduced Risk Of Chronic Disease
10 Tips To Allergy-Proof Your Home For Fall
Routine Diabetes Screenings Could Cut Health-care Costs
Smoking And High Blood Pressure Each Account For One In Five Deaths In US Adults
Health Tools to Guide You Through Your Vacation
An Angry Heart Can Lead To Sudden Death
February is American Heart Month: Heart Disease is the Number One Cause of Death
Keeping The Weight Off: Which Obesity Treatment Is Most Successful?
More Americans Have, Get Treated For High Blood Pressure
ManagementReport: Obesity Costs U.S. Companies as Much as $45 Billion a Year
Beyond Fashion: Why You Gotta Wear Shades
Don't Forget Your Most Important Muscle: Your Heart
Across America Hearing Check Challenge Begun for Better Hearing and Speech Month
Reducing Kids' Salt Intake May Lower Soft Drink Consumption, Reducing Obesity, High Blood Pressure And Later Health Risks
Four Health Behaviors Can Add 14 Extra Years Of Life
PTAs, Schools Nationwide Get 500 Reasons to Promote Healthy Lifestyles in November
Protein Identified To Help Protect Against Harmful UV Exposure
Sleep Is as Important To Overall Health  
One-Time Melanoma Screening Of Older Adults Appears To Be Cost-Effective  
Secrets To Reducing Your Odds of Getting Cancer: Eat Well, Get Fit, Stop Smoking
Want a Healthy Colon? Eat a Rainbow! Simple Steps to Reducing Your Colorectal Cancer Risk
12 Myths About Colon Cancer
Decrease In Heart Disease Deaths Seem To Result From Healthy Heart Campaigns
They Call It "Video Gamer’s Thumb"
Influenza Vaccination Rates for Nurses Need a Boost
Eating Low-Fat Dairy Products Could Lower Blood Pressure, New Research Finds
Toilet Seats Test Cleaner Than Office Spaces
Lack of Sleep Linked to Increased Risk of High Blood Pressure
Safety Tips For Seniors Who Want Health Check-ups at the Grocery Store
Federally Mandated School Wellness Policies and Other Health Strategies Due July 1
Icy Winter Air May Trigger Life-Threatening Respiratory Conditions Advice for Asthmatics, Parents of Tots
Know Your Family Health History
Research Study Finds Prayer Associated with Healthy Behaviors
Careful Monitoring Can Help Spot Early Melanoma
Age-Related Macular Degeneration Expected To Increase To Almost 3 million Cases By 2020
Protecting You And Your Loved Ones Against Colorectal Cancer
Reducing Death and Disability from Heart Disease and Stroke In the Workplace
Hospital Conducts In-House Employee Safety And Health Promotion Campaign
Better Sleep Council Says Better Nights Equal Better Days
Evidence Indicates Depression May Predict Heart Disease
The Path From Chronic Stress To Heart Disease
Provision of Wellness Services Vary Among Hospitals
Misconceptions Revealed About Cancer in America
How To Effectively Evaluate Your Employees’ Performance
Provision of Wellness Services Vary Among Hospitals
Studies Report Significant Impact of Health Promotion Programs
There’s A Big Difference Between A CBA and CEA
As Fall Starts, So Does "SAD" Season
Weight-Related Vital Sign Goes Unnoticed and Unmentioned
Buy Yourself Some Cheap Sunglasses
Americans Need Education To Extinguish the Flames of Heartburn
Natural Vitamin E Preferred Over Synthetic
Heart Attack Symptoms Vary by Gender
New RDAs and Increased Support for Benefits of Antioxidants
Are You at Risk for Heart Disease? If So, Fight Back
Research Indicates St. John's Wort Hinders Critical Medications
Tips To Help You and Your Loved Ones Deal With Cancer
Tips To Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning This Winter
Free or Low-Cost Prostate Cancer Screenings Available
Tips To Avoid Tick Bites and Detect Lyme Disease
Everything in Moderation, Including the Sun
Personal Behaviors Are What Really Matter in Avoiding Cancer
Study Has Important Implications for Heart Disease Prevention Efforts

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